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210 North Street, Southville, Bristol, BS3 1JF, 0117 966 3143


Margarita (v)                                                         £8.00

tomato sauce, mozzarella, cherry tomatoes & basil oil 

with buffalo bocconcini                                         £9.00   

It ain't half hot...........                                          £11.00

spicy pepperoni, chilli pork, mozzarella, jalapenos

& red onion

Cotto                                                                    £10.00

cotto ham, chestnut mushrooms, green olives, basil

Biana (v)                                                              £9.00

white sauce, chestnut mushrooms, spring onion,

rocket, walnut pesto

Flat cap (v)                                                           £9.00

brie, flat mushrooms, artichoke, red onion

Rio grande                                                           £10.00

cajun chicken jalapenos, guacamole, red onion

Strizzi                                                                   £11.00

parma ham, mozzarella, rocket, parmesan

Hangover                                                             £11.50

chorizo, spicy pepperoni, salami, egg, rosemary

Blue nut (v)                                                          £9.50

gorgonzola, walnut pesto, spinach, cherry tomatoes

           Atlantic                                                                 £11.00

           chilli prawns, squid, anchovy, capers, garlic, parsley

           Porker                                                                   £10.50

           pulled pork, blue cheese, chestnut mushrooms,

           bbq sauce

           Calzone                                                                 £11.00

           mozzarella,spicy meat balls,spinach, ricotta,

           red pepper

           extra toppings £1/£1.25





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